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Game Overview

HollyStock Exchange

Playing For Real Money

Game Overview : The Basics

HollyStock is a game of skill where players compete against each other to create the most valuable portfolio of celebrities. Celebrities increase in value each time they are mentioned in any of the celebrity news websites that HollyStock monitors 24 hours/day.

Players can buy and sell celebrities on the HollyStock Exchange. The goal is to sell a celebrity at a price higher than what the celebrity was purchased for. Only one (1) player may own a celebrity at a time. For example, only one player in the contest may own George Clooney. Another player cannot own George Clooney until the current owner sells George Clooney back to the HollyStock Exchange.

A portfolio is the name given to the collection of celebrities that a particular player owns. The value of a player's portfolio is calculated by adding the current value of all celebrities in the portfolio and the cash that the player has in reserves. For example, if a player has 5 celebrities in his/her portfolio, that player's Net Worth is the sum of the values of each celebrity PLUS the amount of cash that player still has.

Portfolio Example
- Celebrity A ($10,000 value)
- Celebrity B ($15,000 value)
- Celebrity C ($10,000 value)
- Celebrity D ($15,000 value)
- Celebrity E ($10,000 value)
Total Portfolio Worth: $60,000

If the player has $30,000 in cash that has not been spent, the total Net Worth of that player would be the sum of the portfolio worth ($60,000) PLUS that player's cash ($30,000). That player's Net Worth would be $90,000.

The player with the highest Net Worth at the end of the contest is declared the winner.